2011 Elections

Interested in serving on the Central School Board?  You are needed!  The four positions listed below are up for election in May.  The deadline to file is March 17, so get ready!  We in the Citizens for 13J Excellence Committee do not know for certain which of the current board members plan to run for another term, though Paul Evans has stated publicly in board meetings that he does not plan to serve beyond this term.

In addition to these four positions, there are three which are not up for re-election this year.  Of those, we hope the position Susan Stoops currently occupies will be filled by board appointment this summer.  That zone is Monmouth, west of 99W, north of Jackson St.  The board will take applications from willing citizens when that occasion arises.

Board Elections – deadline to file is March 17, County Clerk’s Office, Dallas
     Positions from 4 Zones up for election in 2011
        Zone 1 – Independence north of Monmouth Ave. (formerly Plude, vacant)
        Zone 3 – Monmouth east of 99W (currently Evans)
        Zone 5 – Monmouth west of 99W, south of Jackson (currently Zehner)
        Zone 7 – southern part of district outside of city limits (currently Shellenbarger)