About Us

Citizens for 13J Excellence was formed by a few citizens of the Central School District who had been individually working to bring serious problems to the attention of the school board. 

While urgency brought us together, our mission is a long-term mission:
  • Facilitate communication between community citizens and district leadership,
  • Promote transparency and integrity in district administration,
  • Promote awareness in the community of the achievements and needs of our local educational system, and
  • Bring community support and resources to aid the district in providing a quality learning environment for our students.
For questions about the issues and our committee's plans, please contact Kathleen Stanley or John Boyack.

Citizens for 13J Excellence steering committee members:

Mona K Hinds
I am a 1984 graduate of Western Oregon University.  I have lived in the Monmouth & Independence area since 1980.  I married my husband, Tim Hinds, a 1975 Central High School Graduate in 1987 and we have two children, Brittany Hinds, 2007 Central High School graduate, and Chris Hinds who is a senior at Central High School.  Our entire family have been volunteers for this community and school district for the past 30+ years.  I work with students, parents and volunteers within the 13J School District daily. 
Two years ago, I began a focused effort to involve more community members in our school district processes.  I strongly felt that our system was broken and did not allow for an open dialog in which I believe is vital for solving these issues.  It is a passion of mine to get more people invoved in community dialog and discussion.
Kathleen Stanleykps57@minetfiber.com
I have lived in the Monmouth-Independence community since 1990 and my son will be graduating from Central High School this spring. 

I am employed at Oregon State University where I am a faculty member in Sociology.  I served on the school board for over three years and became deeply disillusioned by the managment of our district.  I am committed to public education at all levels and believe we can, and must, do better.
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Ron and Charlotte Williamson    cwilliamson66@msn.com
I retired after working for  34 years in education, in and out of Central School District, and serving in positions such as counselor, principal, and assistant principal.  I advocated for minority students and vocational education, and I feel that education is a collaborative effort by all staff to provide students the best opportunity to maximize their abilities.  Teachers, and other staff are partners in education with administrators.

Charlotte also retired from a career in education, teaching middle school PE and special education before working as Assistant Principal for 7 years at Talmadge Middle School before retiring in 2003.

Our 2 children graduated from Central High School, and we have 2 grandchildren currently enrolled in the Central School District.  We have actively supported athletics, the performing arts and the AG/FFA program, and we advocate for and support the local YMCA.
Wendy Blackdalriata@minetfiber.com
I have resided in Monmouth since 1994.  I've had two children graduate from Central High School and the last child, my son, will be graduating this June.  I am a faculty Research Assistant in the Virology Section of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine and have been employed in this lab since 1993. 

I believe that it is imperative that a school district address the needs of the teachers, staff and most importantly the students in their care in order to provide those students the best education possible and assist them in creating a path to a promising future. Yet for this to happen those leading the school district must subscribe to a curiosity that presents tough questions, demands honest answers and becomes a well informed unit capable of thinking beyond the box in order to meet the needs of both the distict and those place in its care.
Vicki Watkinsvickiwatkins@mac.com
I have been a resident of Monmouth/Independence community for 44 years. I have served on many different school board committees through those years.  I have 7 children who graduated from Central High School and numerous foster children.  Presently, I have 8 grandchildren attending our school district with others to follow.  I have recently served on the Key Communicator committee for the Central School District.
John Boyackboyack.john@gmail.com
I have lived in Monmouth for 17 years, and my children are growing up here.  I have children in Talmadge Middle School and Central High School.  My wife, Wendy, has volunteered in the music and theater programs at Central for five years, and I have followed the school activities of two dozen boys that I have led in Boy Scouts over the last 12 years. 

The way I view financial accountability for government entities is this: every dollar wasted by the government was one of the dollars that came out of my wallet.  We love the updated school, new football stadium and new auditorium, but I have been deeply concerned over the lack of financial transparency in the use of our  bond funds.  I am hopeful that Central School District can establish a system of transparency and accountability for its district leadership and school board.
Louis Cisneroslcisneros91@q.com
My name is Luis Cisneros. I am a 2009 graduate from Central High School; I have also attended Henry Hill Elementary School, Ash Creek Intermediate School (I was in the first class to attend when it opened), and Talmadge Middle School.

I have recently become very interested in public education and I want to do something for my community before transferring to Portland State University. I am an afterschool tutor that serves students at Central High School with tutoring and college preparation. I have two brothers attending schools in the district, several other family members that have gone through and are planning on attending schools in the district, and I know many other people who are involved with the district.